WooCommerce is the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution.

Our core platform is free, flexible, and amplified by a global community. The freedom of open-source means you retain full ownership of your store’s content and data forever.

Whether you’re launching a business, taking brick-and-mortar retail online, or developing sites for clients, use WooCommerce for a store that powerfully blends content and commerce.

Built-in tools and popular integrations help you efficiently manage your business operations. Many services are free to add with a single click via the optional Setup Wizard.

Grow your business, add features, and monitor your store on the go

WooCommerce means business. Keep tabs on the performance metrics most important to you with WooCommerce Admin – a powerful, customizable central dashboard for your store.

Expand your audience across marketing and social channels with Google Ads, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Facebook integrations. You can always check out the in-dashboard Marketing Hub for fresh ideas and tips to help you succeed.

Enhance store functionality with hundreds of free and paid extensions from the official WooCommerce Marketplace. Our developers vet each new extension and regularly review existing inventory to maintain Marketplace quality standards. We are actively looking for products that help store builders create successful stores.

Manage your store from anywhere with the free WooCommerce mobile app (Android and iOS). Spoiler alert: Keep an ear out for the slightly addictive «cha-ching» notification sound each time you make a new sale!

Own and control your store data – forever

With WooCommerce, your data belongs to you. Always.

If you opt to share usage data with us, you can feel confident knowing that it’s anonymized and kept secure. Choose to opt-out at any time without impacting your store.

Unlike hosted eCommerce solutions, WooCommerce store data is future-proof; should you wish to migrate to a different platform, you’re free to export all your content and take your site wherever you choose. No restrictions.

Why developers choose (and love) WooCommerce

Developers can use WooCommerce to create, customize, and scale a store to meet a client’s exact specifications, making enhancements through extensions or custom solutions.

  • Leverage hooks and filters to modify or create functionality.
  • Integrate virtually any service using a robust REST API and webhooks.
  • Design and build custom content blocks with React.
  • Inspect and modify any aspect of the core plugin code.
  • Speed up development with a lightning-fast CLI.

The core platform is tested rigorously and often, supported by a dedicated development team working across time zones. Comprehensive documentation is updated with each release, empowering you to build exactly the store required.

Be part of our growing international community

WooCommerce has a large, passionate community dedicated to helping merchants succeed, and it’s growing fast.

There are WooCommerce Meetups in locations around the world that you can attend for free and even get involved in running. These events are a great way to learn from others, share your expertise, and connect with like-minded folks.

WooCommerce also has a regular presence at WordCamps across the globe – we’d love to meet you.

Contribute and translate

WooCommerce is developed and supported by Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com and Jetpack. We also have hundreds of independent contributors, and there’s always room for more. Head to the WooCommerce GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in.

WooCommerce is translated into multiple languages, including Danish, Ukrainian, and Persian. Help localize WooCommerce even further by adding your locale – visit translate.wordpress.org.



This plugin provides 16 blocks.

  • Filter Products by Price
  • Filter Products by Attribute
  • Active Product Filters
  • Product Search
  • Featured Category
  • Product Categories List
  • Hand-picked Products
  • Products by Category
  • Best Selling Products
  • Products by Tag
  • Featured Product
  • On Sale Products
  • Reviews by Product
  • All Reviews
  • Reviews by Category
  • Newest Products


Minimum Talablar

  • PHP 7.2 yoki undan yuqori versiyani tavsiya etiladi
  • MySQL 5.6 yoki undan yuqori versiya tavsiya etiladi

Server talablarining batafsil ro’yxati uchun WooCommerce server talablari hujjatlariga tashrif buyuring.

Avtomatik o’rnatish

Avtomatik o’rnatish eng oson variant – WordPress fayl uzatishni boshqaradi va siz veb-brauzeringizni tark etishingizga hojat yo’q. WooCommerce-ni avtomatik ravishda o’rnatish uchun WordPress boshqaruv paneliga kiring, Plaginlar menyusiga o’ting va «Yangisini qo’shish» ni bosing.

Qidiruv maydoniga «WooCommerce» kiriting, so’ng «Qidiruv plaginlari» ni bosing. Bizni topganingizdan so’ng, siz bu haqda tafsilotlarni ko’rishingiz mumkin, masalan, ochilish nuqtasi, reyting va tavsif. Eng muhimi, albatta uni o’rnatishingiz mumkin! «Endi o’rnatish» ni bosing va WordPress uni o’sha erdan olib chiqadi.

Qo’lda o’rnatish

Qo’lda o’rnatish usuli WooCommerce plaginini yuklab olishni va sevimli FTP dasturi orqali veb-serveringizga yuklashni talab qiladi. WordPress kodeksida buni qanday bajarish bo’yicha ko’rsatmalar mavjud.


Avtomatik yangilanishlar muammosiz ishlashi kerak, ammo baribir saytingizni zaxiralashni tavsiya etamiz.

Agar yangilanishdan so’ng do’kon / kategoriya sahifalarida muammolarga duch kelsangiz, doimiy aloqalarni WordPress-ga o’ting va gt; Sozlamalar & gt; Doimiy aloqa va «Saqlash» ga urish. Bu narsa normal holatga qaytishi kerak.

Namuna ma’lumotlari

WooCommerce siz mahsulotlarning qanday ko’rinishini ko’rish uchun foydalanishingiz mumkin bo’lgan ba’zi bir namunaviy ma’lumotlar bilan ta’minlangan; import_products.xml-ni WordPress importeri orqali import qiling. Import_products.csv-ni import qilish uchun siz shuningdek asosiy CSV importer yoki bizning CSV Import Suite kengaytmamizdan foydalanishingiz mumkin


WooCommerce hijjatlarini va qo’llanmalarini qayerdan topsam bo’ladi?

For help setting up and configuring WooCommerce, please refer to Getting Started and the New WooCommerce Store Owner Guide.

For extending or theming WooCommerce, see our codex, as well as the Plugin Developer Handbook.

Where can I get help or talk to other users about WooCommerce Core?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the WooCommerce Support Forum by following these guidelines, reach out via the WooCommerce Community Slack, or post in the WooCommerce Community group on Facebook.

Where can I get help for extensions I have purchased on WooCommerce.com?

For assistance with paid extensions from the WooCommerce.com Marketplace: first, review our self-service troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, kindly log a support ticket via our helpdesk. Our dedicated Happiness Engineers aim to respond within 24 hours.

I’m having trouble logging in to WooCommerce.com – what now?

First, troubleshoot common login issues using this helpful step-by-step guide. Still not working? Get in touch with us.

WooCommerce mening mavzuim bilan ishlaydimi?

Yes! WooCommerce will work with any theme but may require some additional styling. If you’re looking for a theme featuring deep WooCommerce integration, we recommend Storefront.

How do I update WooCommerce?

We have a detailed guide on How To Update WooCommerce.

My site broke – what do I do?

Start by diagnosing the issue using our helpful troubleshooting guide.

If you noticed the error after updating a theme or plugin, there might be compatibility issues between it and WooCommerce. If the issue appeared after updating WooCommerce, there could be a conflict between WooCommerce and an outdated theme or plugin.

In both instances, we recommend running a conflict test using Health Check (which allows you to disable themes and plugins without affecting your visitors) or troubleshooting the issue using a staging site.

Where can I report bugs?

Report bugs on the WooCommerce GitHub repository. You can also notify us via our support forum – be sure to search the forums to confirm that the error has not already been reported.

Where can I request new features, themes, and extensions?

Request new features and extensions and vote on existing suggestions on our official ideas board. Our Product teams regularly review requests and consider them valuable for product planning.

Ajoyib WooCommerce uchun men hissa qo’sha olamanmi?

Yes, you can! Join in on our GitHub repository and follow the development blog to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the project.

Where can I find REST API documentation?

Extensive WooCommerce REST API Documentation is available on GitHub.

My question is not listed here. Where can I find more answers?

Check out Frequently Asked Questions for more.


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5.5.2 2021-07-22

  • Fix – Add a new option allowing product downloads to be served using redirects as a last resort. #30288
  • Fix – Remove unnecessary seacrh related ‘where’ clause added in the ‘post_clauses’ hook handling. #30335
  • Fix – Check before calling $screen method to make sure its not null. #30277

**WooCommerce Admin – 2.4.4 & 2.4.3 & 2.4.2 **

  • Fix – Fix homepage stock panel regression in 2.4.3. #7389
  • Fix – Add a new low stock products endpoint to improve the performance. #7377
  • Fix – Add lazy loading by checking panel open status. #7376
  • Fix – Add cache-control header to low stock REST API response. #7364

See changelog for all versions.