Responsive Menu – Create Mobile-Friendly Menu


Highly customisable Responsive Menu Plugin for WordPress. With over 150 customisable options you get a combination of 22,500 options! No coding experience or knowledge is needed with an easy to use interface you can get it looking exactly as you want with minimal fuss.

See it in action:


PHP 5.5+

Full Knowledgebase and dedicated support forum:

Fully unit tested:

100% unit test coverage with tests included in the plugin so you can run them yourself for peace of mind

Basic Functionality:

  • Change every text, background and border colour
  • Set the fonts, font sizes and text alignment you want to use
  • Set which side and where you want the button to show
  • Set which side the menu appears from (left, right, top or bottom)
  • Use background image for the menu
  • Choice of menu animations (slide over the top or push the content)
  • Choice of which Menu to use
  • Choice of screen size at which the menu will be shown
  • Choice of CSS elements to hide when menu is showing
  • Choice of Sub-menu depth to display down to
  • Choice of Animation Types & Speeds for the Menu & Button
  • Integrated search (fully customisable)
  • Ability to disable and re-order the different components
  • Ability to fix the button to the top or to let it scroll with the page
  • Ability to upload logos, sub-arrow images etc.
  • Ability to include Scripts externally, minified and in footer
  • Ability to import and export options in a click of a button
  • Ability to add custom HTML components
  • Ability to choose custom menu triggers
  • WPML/Polylang Support
  • RTL Support
  • Plus much, much more!

Advanced & Pro Functionality:

  • Preview your changes before implementing
  • Animate the menu items when menu is opened
  • FontIcon Support for individual menu items
  • 15 button animation effects
  • Colour opacity for all colours
  • Custom overlay colour and opacity
  • Integrated header bar
  • Let the plugin provide and style your main menu as well as hamburger menu

For more reasons to go Pro, please visit this page or check our roadmap

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  • Dashboard
  • Select theme
  • Menu setting
  • Mobile view setting
  • Desktop view setting
  • Toggle button
  • Main menu


  1. Upload responsive-menu to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Set your options from the Responsive Menu admin area


  1. Login to your WordPress admin area
  2. Search for Responsive Menu
  3. Click install Responsive Menu
  4. Activate through the Plugins menu in WordPress or when asked during installation
  5. Set your options from the Responsive Menu admin area


To view our FAQ, please go to


Iyul 19, 2024 1 reply
love this pluginI also bought the $95 paid version. Unfortunately, the desktop version’s menu is not very customizable.
Iyul 17, 2024 1 reply
I’m still trying to figure out how to make it hide the existing menus, but they fall to the bottom on mobile devices so it’s not a HUGE issue. More of a back-burner issue ’til I have the spoons to deal with it LOL
Iyun 24, 2024 3 replies
suddenly the burger button does not show anymore (probably after update) and, even worse, no mobile menu is shown anymore. Support only available in case you are a pro-client. this is really bad, as I have been using it without any of those problems for years!
May 26, 2024 1 reply
Einfach zu handeln, tut dieses Plugin, was es verspricht. Nur zu empfehlen
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Contributors & Developers

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4.4.0 (4th July 2024)

  • Feature: Added option to use custom SVG or icon code in menu item
  • Enhancement: Improved security and addressed vulnerabilities

4.3.5 (25th April 2024)

  • Enhancement: Update scssphp library to 1.12.1

4.3.4 (17th April 2024)

  • Enhancement: Added option to minimize script file

4.3.3 (11th March 2024)

  • Feature: Added the functionality to navigate menus using the tab key for improved accessibility

4.3.2 (27th Dec 2023)

  • Enhancement: Added class to highlight active parent menus

4.3.1 (14th Aug 2023)

  • Bug Fix: Addressed the problem related to hamburger line height option
  • Enhancement: Anchored tags are now removed if not utilized within the title

4.3.0 (16th May 2023)

  • Enhancement: The tablet default breakpoints have been adjusted to improve responsiveness
  • Enhancement: Improved UX

4.2.3 (29th Mar 2023)

  • Bug: Fixed PHP warnings
  • Enhancement: Checked compatibility with WordPress 6.2

4.2.2 (2nd Mar 2023)

  • Feature: The option to set multiple columns in the menu container has been added
  • Bug: Resolved a conflict with a third-party plugin that was caused by extra space in menu attributes

4.2.1 (6th Dec 2022)

  • Bug: Bug: Fixed CSS conflict issues with other plugins
  • Bug: Fixed issue with submenu animation

4.2.0 (8th Sep 2022)

  • Feature: Added classic menu support for block themes
  • Bug: Fixed conflict issues with Beaver Themer Plugin
  • Enhancement: Added alert popup if WordPress Menus are empty

4.1.12 (1st Aug 2022)

  • Bug: Fixed conflict issues with Multiple Page Generator Plugin
  • Enhancement: Added timestamps as a version to generated CSS/JSS urls

4.1.11 (25th May 2022)

  • Bug: Fixed conflict issues with Import Eventbrite Events plugin
  • Enhancement: Added rmp_nav_item_class hook to update nav item classes
  • Enhancement: Removed unused resources

4.1.10 (30th Mar 2022)

  • Bug: Fixed issue with submenu font-wieght
  • Bug: Fixed issue with svg icons
  • Enhancement: Updated scssphp to latest version (1.10.2)

4.1.9 (8th Mar 2022)

  • Enhancement: Fixed issues with admin bar settings

4.1.8 (8th Feb 2022)

  • Bug: Fixed security vulnerabilities
  • Bug: Fixed w3 validator CSS errors
  • Bug: Fixed unnecessary HTTP requests to theme config files

4.1.7 (4 Jan 2022)

  • Hotfix: Fixed issues where menu got disappeared after updating to 4.1.6.
  • Hotfix: Fixed issue where users were seeing a shortcode instead of actual menu after updating to 4.1.6

4.1.6 (20th Dec 2021)

  • Enhancement: Refactored code to enqueue JS and CSS files as per coding standards
  • Enhancement: Refactored code to utilise libraries bundled with WordPress core
  • Enhancement: Sanitized, Escaped, and Validated all variable, file uploads and data
  • Enhancement: Moved inline scripts to wp_enqueue_script and wp_add_inline_script

4.1.5 (17th Nov 2021)

  • Enhancement: Refactored code to use wp_enqueue functions while including JS and CSS
  • Enhancement: Removed external dependencies (CDN url and third party server scripts)
  • Enhancement: Removed legacy code and rollback feature
  • Enhancement: Removed encrypted code from third party libraries
  • Enhancement: «Sanitized, Escaped, and Validated» all variable, file uploads and data

4.1.4 (17th Sep 2021)

  • Bug: Fixed transparent background issue.
  • Feature: Added option to search settings in customizer.
  • Feature: Added shortcuts to related settings in different sections of customizer.
  • Feature: Added custom selector for hamburger icon position.
  • Enhancement: Moved «Padding» setting from (Mobile Menu > Container > Menu) to (Menu Styling > Menu Settings)
  • Enhancement: Moved «Enable Smooth Scrolling» setting from (Menu Styling > Menu Settings) to (Setting > Advance Setting > Technical)

4.1.3 (25th June 2021)

  • Bug: Fixed Adjust Page option issue
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of conflict with WooCommerce plugin
  • Bug: Fixed the issue of wrong button text position
  • Feature: Added banner for providing plugin feedback
  • Enhancement: Renamed Roadmap to What's Next

4.1.2 (1st May 2021)

  • Feature: Added dark mode option for menu customizer
  • Enhancement: Added new filter rmp_menu_markups
  • Enhancement: Added demo links for free themes
  • Enhancement: Enabled device visibility options by default

4.1.1 (19th April 2021)

  • Bug: Fixed responsive menu elementor widget issue with PHP version 7.2 and older

4.1.0 (26th February 2021)

  • Feature: Bundled all free themes in plugin
  • Feature: Added new option for font weight and font family for menu title
  • Feature: Added home button on preview device
  • Feature: Added border radius as new option for toggle button
  • Feature: Added theme upload feature in wizards
  • Feature: To support the advanced menu themes
  • Enhancement: Improved push animation to work with only body element
  • Enhancement: Added loader to show while uploading and changing theme
  • Enhancement: Show message when theme page is empty
  • Enhancement: Show spinner while deleting theme
  • Enhancement: Redirected user directly to customizer after creating a new menu
  • Enhancement: Prevent deleting a theme if being used by active menu
  • Enhancement: Added color alpha feature and push animation
  • Enhancement: Added custom admin notice to upgrade
  • Enhancement: Added admin notice with doc link if no menu created.
  • Enhancement: Improved the default theme with new UI
  • Enhancement: Improved the wizards UI
  • Enhancement: Added hide menu input in new menu wizard
  • Enhancement: Improved caching and minimize API requests
  • Enhancement: Added support for WordPress core version 5.7
  • Bug: Prevent to load the customizer screen in preview section
  • Bug: Fixed additional contents to process the shortcode
  • Bug: Fixed Menu item height issue with long text
  • Bug: Fixed default wp menu items
  • Bug: Improved live preview and update required
  • Bug: Fixed PHP warning and errors

4.0.4 (19th January 2021)

  • Bug: Fixed security vulnerabilities

4.0.3 (07th January 2021)

  • Enhancement: Improved caching for API response
  • Bug: Improved multi language menu support with WPML
  • Bug: Fixed theme compatibility issues
  • Bug: Fixed some php notices and errors

4.0.2 (29th Dec 2020)

  • Feature: Added responsive menu elementor widget
  • Enhancement: Improved theme visibility in new menu wizard

4.0.1 (15th Dec 2020)

  • Enhancement: Hide WordPress admin bar from menu preview
  • Enhancement: Added notice message when WordPress menu doesn’t exist
  • Enhancement: Added admin notice banner for new version update
  • Enhancement: Improved menu customizer options visibility
  • Bug: Fixed some php notices and errors

4.0.0 (7th Dec 2020)

  • New and improved admin user interface
  • Added menu customizer with live preview features
  • Added feature to create menu templates
  • Improved menu themes
  • Added support for multiple menus
  • Added support for WordPress core version 5.6 and PHP 8.0
  • Added support for twenty twenty one theme
  • Fixed several bugs in older version

3.1.30 (23rd July 2020)

  • Bug: Fixed menu arial-label

3.1.29 (4th May 2020)

  • Bug: Fix Menu import functionality when menu names do not match

3.1.28 (13th April 2020)

  • Feature: Added keyboard accessibility

3.1.27 (19th Mar 2020)

  • Fix: PHP v7.4 Compatibility

3.1.26 (19th Feb 2020)

  • Fix: WordPress 5.3 Compatibility
  • Fix: PHP v7.4 Compatibility

3.1.25 (14th Dec 2019)

  • Fix: Sub Menus -> Text Alignment Option does not work
  • Fix: Trigger Icon Position
  • Fix: Trigger Icon Border CSS code
  • Fix: Menu Text goes under Trigger Icon

3.1.24 (14th Aug 2019)

  • Allow support for PHP 5.5 again.
  • Downgrade Twig back to 1.33.0 as it doesn’t play nicely with other plugins.

3.1.23 (13th Aug 2019)

  • Added option to hide the original desktop theme menu.
  • Drop support for PHP 5.5
  • Update Twig to 1.42.2
  • Fix bug with pre IE10 javascript when disabling background scrolling.

3.1.22 (30th May 2019)

  • Expand Exclude Pages option to include all post types.

3.1.21 (19th May 2019)

  • Added Exclude Pages option.

3.1.20 (16th May 2019)

  • Update tested up to flag for WordPress 5.2
  • Minor bug fixes.

3.1.19 (1st April 2019)

  • Update tested up to flag for WordPress 5.1.1
  • Updated noscroll js file.

3.1.18 (19th January 2019)

  • Update tested up to flag for WordPress 5
  • Improve logic around click to expand sub-menu items.
  • Updated noscroll js file.

3.1.17 (21st September 2018)

  • Improve logic around word wrap.
  • Change approach to disabling background scrolling.
  • Improvements to smooth scrolling across different URLs.
  • Added menu title text alignment option.

3.1.16 (15th August 2018)

  • Added ability to upload and use themes.

3.1.15 (26th July 2018)

  • Fixed Sub Menu line height bug.
  • Removed Min Admin Guide.
  • Upgrade to FontAwesome 5.2 (Pro)
  • Fix search placeholder colour issue (Pro)
  • Added options to hide on mobile or desktop devices (Pro)

3.1.14 (30th March 2018)

  • Added line height options for all menu items.
  • Added title to Search element to meet WCAG accessibility requirements.
  • Improvements for admin option filtering.
  • Added Height and Width options to Title Image.
  • Added customisable options for sub-menus.
  • Allow translation of search placeholder text.
  • Fixed bug with Adjust Header Bar option.
  • [PRO] Added inner Header Bar HTML element for easier customisation.
  • [PRO] Option to close menu on page scroll.
  • [PRO] Option to smooth scroll same page links.

3.1.13 (19th January 2018)

  • Move custom data to the uploads folder.

3.1.12 (17th January 2018)

  • Added option to control sub-menu speed.
  • Added «Minus» button animation.
  • Added option to adjust the page to account for the Header Bar.
  • Added image height options for Header Bar.
  • Updated FontAwesome version to get latest icons.
  • Fix for Slide effect on Desktop Menu.

3.1.11 (28th November 2017)

  • Hotfix to remove annoying pro overlay

3.1.10 (28th November 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Remove annoying pro overlay
  • Fix for double scrollbars on disable background scrolling – Pro

3.1.9 (17th November 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fix for drop-downs not saving their information.
  • Fix for Desktop Menu with 3rd level drop-down items.
  • Fix for Touch Gestures stopping the Search box being selectable.
  • Fix for Touch Gestures stopping menu scrolling.
  • Center Desktop Menu option added. – Pro

3.1.8 (26th October 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added a new dark admin theme
  • Updated the old light admin theme
  • Added a «hide pro options» button to remove some of the clutter
  • Improved UI interface
  • Made the Word Wrap option a free feature
  • Change database option value type to LONGTEXT to accept longer values
  • Fixed bug with Enable Gestures option – Pro
  • Complete overhaul of the Desktop Menu options including Mega Menus and more – Pro
  • Added vw and vh sizing units – Pro

3.1.7 (22nd September 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added depth padding side option
  • Enabled touch gestures – Pro Only
  • Fixed fade animation hiding the single menu bug – Pro Only

3.1.6 (28th July 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added more translatable options to PolyLang and WPML
  • Added option to turn sub-menu descriptions on

3.1.5 (22nd July 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added ability to use description in menu items
  • Added option for button open title
  • Added ability to have the menu automatically opened on page load – Pro Only
  • Added ability to use keyboard shortcuts to close the menu – Pro Only
  • Added ability to use keyboard shortcuts to open the menu – Pro Only
  • Added ability to disable plugins FontAwesome and BootStrap scripts in case you want to load your own – Pro Only
  • Improve selection of menu items by menu item drop-down selection rather than by ID – Pro Only
  • Fixed bug with 3Dx animation and hover colours – Pro Only
  • Optimised twig imports to only include what is needed.

3.1.4 (10th June 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added CSRF protection using nonces in admin
  • Updated wpdb method to use replace() instead of update() to protect from migration issues
  • Added selectize JS library
  • Allow custom trigger types for button – Pro Only
  • Fixed custom HTML icon bug – Pro Only

3.1.3 (19th May 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • RTL improvements for admin UI
  • Added options to change the depth level values
  • Fixed twig deprecation notices – thanks to stodorovic for this
  • Fixed bug where having auto-height would break menu scrolling – Pro only

3.1.2 (11th May 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Updated badge counts
  • Updated Font Icon area text
  • Fixed bug with single menu breakpoint width – Pro Only
  • Fixed bug with empty Font Icons – Pro Only
  • Fixed bug with WP CLI

3.1.1 (5th May 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added filter box in admin for options
  • Added menu container background colour option
  • Added hover line colour option
  • Added active line colour option
  • Added active button background colour option
  • Added migration scripts to make data upgrades smoother
  • Added option to choose custom Font Icons – Pro Only
  • Removed browser button outline and enabled focus/active states for better accessibility
  • Bug fixes

3.1.0 (25th April 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Massive overhaul of codebase
  • Speed improvements to front and back end
  • Admin now uses BootStrap
  • Twig templating engine implemented
  • Added admin form validation to help catch data errors
  • Added a rebuild database option
  • Done away with SASS on the fly compilation
  • Back to on slide effect now customisable – Pro only
  • Added option to adjust for WP Admin bar – Pro only
  • Bug fixes and compatibility fixes

3.0.18 (2nd February 2017)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Improved border sizes for sub-menus
  • Improved «Back to» text on beta slider menu functionality

3.0.17 (26th November 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed bug that stripped slashes from text inputs in admin screen
  • Fixed junk pixel residue left behind on screen on menu close issue
  • Fixed hiding of menu items in slide animation beta
  • Fixed «Back to %previous_category_name%» text check on slide animation beta
  • Bug fixes

3.0.16 (21st October 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added functionality for admin to remember last saved tab
  • Improved local scope of self = this variable in JavaScript
  • Improved slide across animation option (Pro only)

3.0.15 (11th October 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added border size option
  • Made submenu active colours free
  • Improved FontAwesome Icon check (Pro only)
  • Added sizing unit options (Pro only)
  • Bug fixes

3.0.14 (4th October 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Improved PHP check on pre 5.3 systems
  • Improved width of first and last menu item borders
  • Added animation of menu items when menu opened (Pro only)
  • Added slide effect animation option instead of standard dropdown (Pro only)
  • Removed button from header bar to aid with z-indexing (Pro only)
  • Bug fixes

3.0.13 (22nd September 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Made menu background image option free (feeling generous today!)

3.0.12 (22nd September 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed close menu on link click bug with single header (Pro only)
  • Fixed conflict bug with «close on link clicks» and «disable parent click» options
  • Added header bar title link to WPML/Polylang
  • Added alt tag option for every image
  • Link target now taken into account with «Close Menu on Link Clicks»

3.0.11 (29th August 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed export options bug (Pro only)
  • Fixed shortcode attributes bug

3.0.10 (27th August 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Improved RTL support
  • Additional Content added to WPML/Polylang
  • Added sub-arrow active colours – Pro only
  • Added sub-arrow positioning side option
  • Allow 0 values to be entered
  • Switched sub-menu padding round if right text-alignment used
  • Added item link colours to transition list
  • Minor bug fixes

3.0.9 (4th August 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added current item border colour option
  • Added current item border hover colour option
  • Apply title link to title image
  • Fixed transition bug with iPhone Safari iOS on links
  • Fixed Import option bug
  • Import native jquery-ui-core instead of externally
  • Minor bug fixes

3.0.8 (25th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added placeholder search text colour option
  • Improved update process (no longer need to login to admin to trigger)
  • Bug fixes

3.0.7 (22nd July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Added preview option – Pro only
  • Added search box text colour option
  • Added search box background colour option
  • Added search box border colour option
  • Fixed header bar bug with disabled scrolling – PRO
  • Fixed smooth scrolling issue on iOS with disabled scrolling – PRO
  • Added string translation to Search text

3.0.6 (13th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Improved Database Migration Scripts
  • Changed sub-arrows to only show border on left edge
  • Improved button title text spacing
  • Improved PHP version checking process

3.0.5 (13th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed bug with push animation
  • Improved PHP version check functionality
  • Fixed issue where custom menu classes weren’t being added

3.0.4 (9th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed bug with overwriting values with shortcode

3.0.3 (9th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed bug with custom trigger
  • Updated Polylang Support
  • Removed extend() function from Pimple Container as it was throwing security notices in VaultPress – thanks to Brin @

3.0.2 (8th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Fixed issue with close on link click option
  • Improved database migration scripts
  • Updated default button size
  • Improved License Checks (Pro)
  • Removed tab memory (too resource intensive)
  • Fixed Query Monitor «IF» error – thanks to KTS915
  • Bug fixes

3.0.1 (7th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4
  • Initial Bug Fixes
  • Catch non-updated option errors
  • Those using under PHP 5.4 will not crash their site but deactivate
  • License Key Checking Fixed (Pro)

3.0.0 (5th July 2016)

  • Requires PHP 5.4 – Please ensure you have it installed to work
  • Version 3 released!
  • Please login to your admin and hit ‘Update Options’ upon installing on all sites
  • Awesome FontIcon integration
  • Much Smoother Animations
  • Button Animations
  • And much, much more
  • Many bug fixes
  • Completely re-written from the ground up

2.8.9 (17th June 2016)

  • Last Version 2 release with beta notice

2.8.8 (12th May 2016)

  • Added class to body when menu is opened


  • Added absolute paths to file inclusions
  • Added ability to set menu title text location (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Added ability to set menu title text line height (useful for above)
  • Fixed width on custom menu images for consistency

2.8.6 (28th January 2016)

  • Added Menu Title Link to WPML
  • Fixed issue with fixed menu widths and push animation

2.8.5 (11th Sept 2015)

  • Fixed menu not opening on first click bug
  • Added empty check to additional html content

2.8.4 (19th Aug 2015)

  • Fixed middle mouse scroll button bug

2.8.3 (13th Aug 2015)

  • Fixed bug with accordion sub arrows not re-setting correctly

2.8.2 (13th Aug 2015)

  • Fixed bug with push animation from right side

2.8.1 (27th July 2015)

  • Import/Export issue with geometric shapes fixed
  • Default export.xml file added
  • Other bugfixes

2.8 (26th July 2015)

  • Launched Pro Version 1.0 with:
    • Ability to use as the only menu on the site (responsive and desktop)
    • Option to only show on mobile using wp_is_mobile()
    • Various colour themes
    • Header bar creator
    • Menu Auto-Height option
    • Background scrolling disabled option
  • Added «Reset to default» option
  • Removed Metatag check
  • Improved transient caching
  • Bugfixes

2.7 (14th June 2015)

  • Added Navigation Tabs for Admin Pages -thanks to mkdgs for this!
  • Bugfixes

2.6 (26th May 2015)

  • Added Theme Location options – useful for Polylang – Thanks to mkdgs for this
  • Fixed Issue with Auto-Expanding Links
  • Fixed Issue with Data Folders Incorrect Location

2.5 (20th May 2015)

  • Fixed issue with duplicate sub menu arrows
  • Added option to set if menu is shown on left or right
  • Fixed issue with custom sub menu classes
  • Button now compatible with Apple Voiceover
  • Changed «X» close icon to the math symbol «x» – Thanks to patlog for the idea!
  • Added many more shortcode options as below:

    • «title»
    • «title_link»
    • «title_open»
    • «title_img»
    • «html»
    • «html_loc»
    • «search_loc»
    • «btn_img»
    • «btn_img_clicked»
    • «btn_title»

2.4 (18th Feb 2015)

  • Added option to turn transient caching off as it causes issues with active link colours etc.
  • Made Menu clear the transient caches and rebuild menu on Menu/Page/Post updates.

2.3 (16th Feb 2015)

  • Added ability to set custom click menu trigger
  • Added ability to set custom walker function – Thanks to Mickael Desgranges for this
  • Added option to push menu button with animation
  • Added option to change Current Page background hover colour
  • Added option to change Current Page Link hover colour
  • Fixed issue with accordion menu not retracting
  • Enabled 0 values for animation speed to in affect remove animation
  • Added easy view of Shortcode options in admin
  • Added ability to place shortcodes in extra html content – Thanks to Mickael Desgranges for this
  • Leveraged WordPress persistent transient caching to significantly increase load speed

2.2 (29th Oct 2014)

  • Added Ability to Export Options
  • Added Ability to Import Options
  • Added option to change 3 lines width
  • Added option to change 3 lines height
  • Added option to change 3 lines margin
  • Added option to change sub arrows using HTML shape or Image
  • Added option to change the click menu image once clicked
  • Sub Menu Animation added to improve smoothness
  • Accordion sub menu animation option
  • Added shortcode option to change menu (use «RM» argument) eg. [responsive-menu RM=»footer-menu»]
  • Minor bug fixes

2.1 (17th Aug 2014)

  • Basic shortcode support added – To use, tick the option in the admin and use the shortcode [responsive-menu]
  • Multiple bug fixes

2.0 (13th Aug 2014)


  • Complete overhaul of the codebase
  • Increased menu depth to 5
  • Added Spanish Translation – Massive thanks to Andrew @ WebHostingHub for this!
  • ‘Double Click’ menu bug fixed
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added Choice to Auto Expand Parent Links
  • Added Choice to Ignore Clicks on Ancestor Links
  • Added Choice to Close Menu Automatically on Page Clicks
  • Added Top and Bottom Slide Options
  • Added Option to set a Maximum Width for the menu
  • Added Choice of Positioning of Search Box
  • Added Choice to Specify Title Menu Link
  • Added Choice to Specify Title Menu Link Location
  • Added Ability to add custom HTML snippet inside the menu
  • Added Choice of location for custom HTML snippet inside the menu
  • Detect if WP Login bar is active and adjust accordingly

1.9 (5th Apr 2014)

  • Changed where custom CSS/JS files are stored. If you have issues when upgrading, please just click «Update Options» from admin and this should return back to normal.
  • Added option to include scripts in footer
  • Added ability to upload custom menu button image to replace the 3 lines
  • Added ability to close menu on each link click (good for single page sites)
  • Added ability to minify output (saving 50% on file size)
  • Remove title section if title and image are empty
  • Added ability to change 3 lines to an x when clicked
  • Added ability to set the minimum width of the menu
  • Added Croatian Translation – Massive thanks to Neverone Design for this!

1.8 (26th Mar 2014)

  • Added option to include styles/scripts externally/internally
  • Added WPML Support
  • Added internationalisation functionality, awaiting translations
  • Added ability to choose which side the menu slides in from
  • Minor Code Improvements

1.7 (13th Mar 2014)

  • Ability to auto expand/hide sub-menus
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of Search Box
  • Transition speed
  • Slide Animation Speed
  • Menu Link Heights
  • Text Alignment
  • Removed potential jQuery conflicts
  • Minor Code Improvements

1.6 (6th Mar 2014)

  • Added Animation Options Section
  • Added Animation Speed Customisation Option
  • Added Choice Of Slide Animation (Overlay or Push)
  • Added Menu Title Background Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Title Font Size Customisation Option
  • Added Click Menu Title Font Size Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Links Font Size Customisation Option
  • Removed Image Size Restriction
  • Minor Code Improvements

1.5 (4th Mar 2014)

  • Added Menu Title Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Title Hover Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Text Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Text Hover Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Background Colour Customisation Option
  • Added Menu Link Background Hover Colour Customisation Option
  • Minor Code Improvements

1.4 (2nd Mar 2014)

  • Improved menu sliding animation.
  • Fixed bug where the menu wouldn’t retract on re-size.
  • Removed the use of namespaces to support pre PHP 5.3 systems.

1.3 (1st Mar 2014)

  • Added ability to upload image for menu title.
  • Added ability to switch between fixed and non-fixed positioning.
  • Added ability to change menu font.
  • Minor updates.

1.2 (28th Feb 2014)

  • Added support to include all site menus.

1.1 (25th Feb 2014)

  • Added transparent menu background option.

1.0 (22nd Feb 2014)

  • Initial Version Released.