Siz zamonaviy, ishonchli va mukammal ijtimoiy tarmoq vositasini qidirayapsizmi? BuddyPress odatiy ijtimoiy tarmoqlarga xos bo’lgan komponentlar jamlanmasidir. Shuningdek, u WordPressning juda ham boy plaginlar kutubxonasi komponentlarining qo’shimcha imkoniyatlar bilan kuchaytirilgan jamlanmasidir.

Aimed at site builders & developers, BuddyPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, and extensibility. It is deliberately powerful yet unbelievably simple social network software, built by contributors to WordPress.

Members can register on your site to create user profiles, have private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in a box, BuddyPress helps you build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Built with developers in mind

BuddyPress helps site builders & developers add community features to their websites. It comes with a robust theme compatibility API that does its best to make every BuddyPress content page look and feel right with just about any WordPress theme. You will likely need to adjust some styling on your own to make everything look pristine.

BuddyPress themes are just WordPress themes with additional templates, and with a little work, you could easily create your own, too! A handful of BuddyPress-specific themes are readily available for download from WordPress.org, and lots more are available from third-party theme authors.

BuddyPress also comes with built-in support for Akismet and bbPress, two very popular and very powerful WordPress plugins. If you’re using either, visit their settings pages and ensure everything is configured to your liking.

The BuddyPress ecosystem

WordPress.org is home to some amazing extensions for BuddyPress, including:

Search WordPress.org for «BuddyPress» to find them all!

Join our community

If you’re interested in contributing to BuddyPress, we’d love to have you. Head over to the BuddyPress Documentation site to find out how you can pitch in.

BuddyPress is available in many languages thanks to the volunteer efforts of individuals all around the world. Check out our translations page on the BuddyPress Documentation site for more details. If you are a polyglot, please consider helping translate BuddyPress into your language.

Growing the BuddyPress community means better software for everyone!


  • Faollik tasmasi - Mulohazalar, to'g'ridan-tog'ri xabarlar, tanlangan sifatida belgilashlar va @qaydlar bilan umumiy, shaxsiy va guruh faollik tasmalari.
  • Kengaytirilgan profillar - Foydalanuvchilar o'zlari haqidagi ma'lumotlarni ko'rsatishlari uchun mo'ljallangan to'laligicha sozlanuvchi profil maydonchalari. Maydonchalarni auditoriyangizdan kelib chiqib moslashtiring.
  • Foydalanuvchi sozlamalari - Foydalanuvchilaringizga profil va xabarnoma sozlamalari ustidan to'liq nazorat qilish imkonini bering. Sozlamalar shablon dizayni bilan butunlay integratsiyalashtirilgan va administrotor tomonidan o'chitib qo'yilishi mumkin.
  • Kengayuvchi guruhlar - Ommaviy, shaxsiy va yashirin guruhlar foydalanuvchilarga muhokamani aniq mavzularga ajratib olishlari uchun imkon yaratib beradi.
  • Do'stlar - Foydalanuvchilar bir-birlari bilan muloqot qilishsin va bir-birlarini kuzatib borishsin yoki faqatgina o'zlari uchun qiziqarliroq foydalanuvchilar bilan aloqa qilishsin.
  • Shaxsiy xabarlar - Foydalanuvchilar shaxsiy xabarlar yordamida bir-birlari bilan to'g'ridan-to'g'ri muloqot qilishlari mumkin. Bir vaqtning o'zida bir nechta suhbatdoshlarga ham xabar yuborish mumkin.
  • Sayt kuzatuvi - Faollik tasmasidagi yozuvlar va mulohazalarni kuzating hamda foydalanuvchilarga WordPress Multisite yordamida o'zlarining bloglarini yaratishlariga imkoniyat yaratib bering.
  • Xabarnomalar - Uskunalar paneli va email xabarnomalar yordamida foydalanuvchilarni o'zlari aloqador bo'lgan harakatlardan xabardor qiling.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • BuddyPress



To run BuddyPress, we recommend your host supports:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater, or, MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • HTTPS support.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles everything itself. To do an automatic install of BuddyPress, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type «BuddyPress» and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found it, you can view details about the latest release, such as community reviews, ratings, and description. Install BuddyPress by simply pressing «Install Now».

Once activated:

  1. ‘Sozlamalar > BuddyPress > Komponentlar’ menyusiga o’ting va faol komponentlarni jamiyatingizga moslab o’zgartiring. (Sizda har doim buni bekor qilish imkoni bo’ladi.)
  2. ‘Sozlamalar > BuddyPress > Sahifalar’ menyusiga o’ting va kataloglar va maxsus sahifalarni sozlang. Biz ba’zi narsalarni avtomatlashtirdik, lekin barchasini saytingizga moslab sozlashingizni tavsiya qilamiz.
  3. ‘Sozlamalar > BuddyPress > Sozlamalar’ menyusiga o’ting va BuddyPressni ehtiyojlaringizdan kelib chiqib sozlashga vaqt ajrating. Biz ko’p narsalarni dastlabki holat uchun faollashtirdik, lekin har bir jamiyat o’zaro farqlarga ega.


Mavjud WordPress shablonidan foydalanishim mumkinmi?

Ha! BuddyPress WordPressning deyarli barcha shablonlari bilan ishlatiladi.

Bu plugindan WordPress Multisiteda foydalansa bo’ladimi?

Ha! Agar saytingizda WordPressning Multisite tizimi yoqilgan bo’lsa, BuddyPress ozgina qo’shimcha kod yordamida bloglar, yozuvlar va hattoki o’zgaruvchan yozuv turlarini ham qo’llab-quvvatlaydi.

Furthermore, BuddyPress can be activated and operate in just about any scope you need for it to:

  • BuddyPress faqat shu saytda ishlashi uchun uni sayt darajasida faollashtiring.
  • BuddyPress butun tarmoqdagi saytlar bilan to’liq integratsiya bo’lishi uchun uni tarmoq darajasida faollashtiring. (Bu Multisiteda eng ko’p qo’llaniladigan o’rnatish usulidir.)
  • BuddyPress kontenti markazlashtirilgan ma’lumotlardan foydanilgan holda WordPress Multisite tarmog’idagi barcha saytlarda ko’rsatilishi uchun multiblog tizimini ishga tushiring.
  • BuddyPressni har bir sayt yoki tarmoqqa o’zining shaxsiy yoki alohida jamiyatiga ega bo’lishiga imkon beradigan tarmoqlararo tashqi pluginlar bilan kengaytiring.

Read custom BuddyPress activations for more information.

Qo’llab-quvvatlash qanday amalga oshiriladi?

Jamiyatimiz https://buddypress.org/support/da bepul qo’llab-quvvatlash bilan ta’minlaydi.

Plugin hujjatlarini qayerdan topish mumkin?

Our documentation site can be found at https://codex.buddypress.org/.

Xatolar haqida qayerda xabar berish mumkin?

https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.orgda xatoliklar haqida xabar bering, g’oyalar taklif qiling va ishlab chiqishda ishtirok eting.

Pluginning Ishlab chiqilaytgan versiyasini qanday olish mumkin?

https://buddypress.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/da BuddyPress Subversionda qanday ishlab chiqilayotganligini ko’ring yoki git://buddypress.git.wordpress.org/ da Gitdan ko’chirib oling.

BuddyPressni kimlar yaratadi?

BuddyPress is free software, built by an international community of volunteers. Some contributors to BuddyPress are employed by companies that use BuddyPress, while others are consultants who offer BuddyPress-related services for hire. No one is paid by the BuddyPress project for his or her contributions.

If you would like to provide monetary support to BuddyPress, please consider a donation to the WordPress Foundation, or ask your favorite contributor how they prefer to have their efforts rewarded.

Muhokamalar forumi

bbPressni sinab ko’ring. U BuddyPress guruhlari, profillar va xabarnomalar bilan integratsiyalashadi. Saytingizdagi har bir guruh o’z forumiga ega bo’lishini va har bir foydalanuvchi mavzulari, javoblari, tanlanganlari va obunalari o’zlarining profillarida ko’rinishini tanlashi mumkin.


Iyun 1, 2022
It's a great addition to any website that focuses on community. Because it is entirely FSE compatible, you will be able to develop a community website using a theme that is based on FSE.
Fevral 20, 2022
If you need basic community features for your website for free, you definitely should take a look at BuddyPress. However, BuddyPress, by default, comes with very basic features, but this is its advantage. You can install extensions you need or code them on your own which allows you to not overload your project with features you don't use. And yes, you read this text thanks to BuddyPress.
Fevral 7, 2022
The OTHER forum plugins give you a clear idea of what their plugin looks like when installed. Once activated the "Request Membership" attracting hundreds of spam memberships. Usually there are Short Codes to add to a page to visit a part of the forum or the forum itself. This system creates it's own pages and fills them with NOT WANTED ugly pages. It's a mess, Gods sake the BuddyPress 10.0 Page you get sent to all the time have the basics at the top. Instead you dive right into Membership requests, more engaging logging activities Hello having settings in both settings AND tools again adds confusion. At first glance one can't see ANY dicussion forum, the support section is flooded with a bunch of options and other things NOT about the basic forum. I just found my posts made into BB posts (not what we need) Uninstalled, never again beware
Yanvar 24, 2022
This is great for adding communication features to a website. The only annoying thing is that it loads its CSS files on all pages, even ones that aren’t BuddyPress ones.
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Contributors & Developers

“BuddyPress” has been translated into 45 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “BuddyPress” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



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