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Hello24 – Order on Chat, Abandoned cart recovery & Marketing Automation

Hello24 – Order on Chat, Abandoned cart recovery & Marketing Automation


We are a conversational commerce platform that can help online brands to engage customers on WhatsApp. We have sophisticated customer journeys that help you get better marketing ROI and higher sales.

Add ‘WhatsApp Business API’ Number and enable one-click chat button on your site to let your website visitors contact you with a single click.

Our platform enables companies to
1. Sell their products through Whatsapp 24/7 through commerce-bots
2. Send out marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to unlimited customers; Get 5x better ROI than Google/Facebook Ads
3. Automate up to 90% of customer support queries and reduce support cost

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Our platform offers deep integrations with WooCommerce, & Payment gateways as well.

How does it really work?

We help improve your major customer touchpoints such purchase cycle, customer suppport and marketing.

Purchase cycle:

  • Share products and take orders on WhatsApp (complete purchase flow on WhatsApp)
  • Abandoned cart recovery with ‘Pay on WhatsApp’ feature
  • Smart COD to prepaid conversion for markets where COD is prevalent
  • Up-sell, Cross-Sell & Re-sell automation – Engage your customers post their purchase at the right time to improve customer lifetime value.
  • Order, Shipment notifications to keep your customers well informed about their orders
  • Chatbot AI Builder for Whatsapp

Marketing Automation

  • Segment your customers based attributes
  • Design interactive marketing templates
  • Send marketing cmapaings to all your customers!

Customer support

  • Our ecommerce chatbots help you to automate top customer queries and enable you to save big on customer queries.
  • Our platform has prebuilt support automation modules for qureies such as :
    • Order status automation – Where is my order/When will I get my product?
    • Order cancellation – Could you cancel my order/I didn’t need the items anymore, cancel it.

Applying for WhatsApp Official APIs

To apply for WhatsApp Official APIs, you must have the below details –

  • WhatsApp Phone Number
  • Business Display Name
  • Facebook Business Manager ID

You can fill in your business details using this link. Our team will reach out to you and help you with the WhatsApp API registration.


Write to us at support@hello24.in


  • Create WhatsApp shop from Woocommerce in minutes
  • Receive orders directly in WhatsApp
  • Bulk Marketing campaign on WhatsApp to millions of customers
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery using Whatsapp
  • Customer support automation (upto 90%)
  • Detailed Analytics report
  • Chatbot builder and chat automation
  • Add Whatsapp Chat button for your website


  1. Upload hello24-order-on-chat-apps.zip under Plugins or Directly install by searching for «Hello24»
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. After activating the plugin, Hello24 page can be found under Woocommerce section:
    Step 1. Click on «Woocommerce»
    Step 2. Click on «Hello24 – Order on Chat Apps»
    Step 3. Enter Whatsapp Phone number and click «Save Settings» to finish the integration with Hello24.
    Step 4. You can click «Open Hello24 Dashboard» to integrate more features for your shop.


Why to use to Hello24.ai?

  • Hello24.ai is a AI based conversational platform which gives provides much more advanced AI tools and deep integration tools than any other vendors.
    • Compared to email channel, recovering Abandoned cart through WhatsApp gives you 5X improvement in recovery!
    • Hello24 has advanced features such as payment on WhatsApp, Marketing automation tools, Analytics tools, Upsell/Resell and cross-sell automation to further increase your sales!

What is the cart recovery rate on WhatsApp

We have seen 12-18% recovery rates with median rate of 14% when businesses use our platform. Please note, this is an estimate based on our current client base.

Do I need a new WhatsApp number to send cart recovery messages

No. We will send those cart recovery messages using a common number with clear mention of your shop name. We also have options to get you a dedicated number and setup a complete store on WhatsApp.

Is chat widget free? Can I customize it to match my site them?

Yes & Yes. Chat widget is free and you can customize it as well

Is the plugin free?

Yes. We have a free forever plan in which you can send upto 200 abandoned cart messages per month.


Yanvar 21, 2023
I found out about Hello24 via a LinkedIn recommendation. The most useful thing about the tool is its ability to automate and personalize customer conversations on WhatsApp. This has not only made my customer service team more efficient but has also improved overall customer satisfaction. The tool can auto-notifications to customers with Infos like tracking orders, order status etc. It’s user-friendly, and the support team always guides you whenever you have query! That’s best part.. kudos to them.. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience using hello24!
Yanvar 20, 2023
excellent plugin but above all excellent support, with them it is possible to do everything, they are prepared and very efficient. You can contact them anytime and they are always ready to help you. with the integration into the whatsapp site you create a better relationship with your customers
Sentabr 9, 2022
This plugin really helped us to increase sales a lot: 1. COD to prepaid conversion increased by 2X. 2. Abandoned cart recovery features – Their payment flow on Whatsapp is pretty good – User able to place orders in the Whatsapp itself. 3. Our broadcast marketing campaign gave 5X better ROI than Facebook ADs or Google ADs. 4. Whatsapp chatbot reduced manual workload of our support agents – Automated most of the product and order queries. Finally, must have plugin for any Ecommerce store to increase the sales through Whatsapp channel. Also, Hello24 pricing is lowest yet their product features are more powerful and useful. They also flexible in implementing custom requirements of business and turn around time is very fast.
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Contributors & Developers

“Hello24 – Order on Chat, Abandoned cart recovery & Marketing Automation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial release with Abandoned cart recovery and order notification features
  • Whatsapp Button customization settings


  • Added COD to Prepaid features, Abandoned cart recovery by End to End Whatsapp checkout flow.
  • Whatsapp Button customization new settings


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Whatsapp Shop features & improvements.


  • Bug fixes & performance improvements.


  • Bug fixes & performance improvements.


  • Bug fixes & performance improvements.


  • New Whatsapp API features & performance improvements.


  • Order status url fixes. New Whatsapp API features & performance improvements.


  • Changed screenshots.


  • Added plugin install notifications.


  • Added new features.


  • Open Hello24 dashboard from Woocommerce admin to customize WhatsApp notifications.


  • Search products on Whatsapp.


  • List customers based on their reward points for WhatsApp broadcast.


  • List customers based on the products they have purchased earlier for WhatsApp broadcast.


  • Product images for WhatsApp shop.


  • Production Environment issue fixed.


  • Product variants duplicate issue fixed.


  • New user WhatsApp notification feature.


  • Products can be added to Whatsapp cart from Woocommerce catalog and curated list of products can be sent by agent to have personalized experience.


  • Added support for sending tickets(pdf) from Fooevents directly in Whatsapp


  • Improved experience for Whatsapp direct order


  • Support for latest WordPress version.